What is
Open Allies?

The initiative brings together entities operating on the open access market. We value diversity and different points of view - we invite not only infrastructure owners, network operators, but also fiber optic service providers to join us. Together, we create open network standards, improve digital competences and support the protection of our planet's resources.

Why was Open Allies?

open allies

Access to high-speed Internet is a natural and universal right of every human being. Our mission is to reach the largest possible audience with FTTH technology. The best and most balanced way to do this is to popularize the open access model.

Thanks to our experience and open discussion, we jointly develop solutions aimed at not only effective cooperation, but also popularizing this model.

For the care of our planet, Open Allies also assumes activities for environmental protection and sustainable development. Everything we do, has an impact on our surroundings. So we want to act consciously.

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Join us!

If you want to join us or have any questions about the activities of Open Allies, please contact us via the contact form.

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